Monday, March 30, 2009

I've decided to start playing Discover Online.

I found a new free MMORPG to try out. It's called Discovery Online and from what I can tell it's an RPg that takes place in the old times with pirate ships and stuff like that, should be interesting. The fact that you are sailing in the game is what made me want to play, since I am a sailor myself.

Anyways, I had to download the game file which was pretty large, 1.56 GB. I let my computer do that last night while I was sleeping. So this morning I wake up rady to play and then I see that I have to download some sort of "launcher" file that was incorrect or something. So I do that (although it takes me a minute to figure it out because you have to move the files to different folders and stuff) then I go to play and it looks like I am having to download every patch that has been released for the game. It's not that bad because the game itself is doing it all, I just have to sit back and wait, so I decided to create a blog about the game!

So hopefully I will be able to play soon!!!

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